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7ft 2.1m Event Flags

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7ft 2.1m Event Flags

Product Abstract:

Event Flags also known as rectangular beach flag,rectangle flying banner,widely use for sales,advertising,promotion,branding ,trade show and sports event It can use both indoor and outdoor

Product Description

7ft 2.1m Event Flag by Feather Flag China is excellent quality with fair prices,short delivery time;

High Quality:

Rectangle Event Flag pole By Feather Flag China is made by 100% epoxy fiberglass, 
combined SQC technology to be ensured high strength and toughness,with the silver color coating.
The toughness,durable,and flexible tip section make perfect feather shape fully.
Our Pole is for outdoor use,withstand 11 grade strong wind,and available for all climates and exposure to sunlight;

Rectangle Event Flag Bases by Feather Flag China is made by steel with bearing,rotate smoothly and endless;
The base has two big bearings inside,and the bearing is bigger than common one,
it is better for shock resistance,with the sealed cover at the top and bottom ,preventing water and dust from going into it;

So it not only work well but also work for long in harsh environment.

The printed Event Flag by Feather Flag China are made by knitted polyester,
with dye sublimation print,double stitches finish,oxford sleeve reinforced for the pole pocket,
So the color lasts long,flags are durable for outdoor use;

We can do both single side printed flag and two sides printed flag,
The double sided flag are two printings sewing back to back ,a block-out fabric inside,
so it is 3 layers in total.two visual look same from each side and not transparent.

and the single side flag is 92% transparent;

Short Delivery Time:
We make these beach flags in Shanghai China,and delivery to US,EU,Australia within 4-10 days by Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT;
Bulk Production time depends on actual situation;

Rectangle Event Flag Sizes,
Height After Bowed:2.1m,3m,4.2m(7ft,10ft,14ft)


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